I thought it would be worthwhile posting a few images that show the process of designing a logo. None of the following designs are the final identity (I will add a link to the school's website as soon as it's published) but they do show the progression from original to finished designs.




 Breakspeare Original

The original, very basic logo.




Breakspeare logo 3


A very early attempt at refreshing the logo. The brief was to keep the Bishop's mitre, keys and strapline.




Breakspeare logo 4


A bit more developed with colour added. 




Breakspeare logo 6


Taking the shield shape I developed the logo in Adobe Illustrator trying different colour options and ways to display the strap line. I also experimented with dropping the original crossed keys motif.




Breakspeare logo 5


I settled on three final logos in different shapes and colour-ways. These were then sent to the client. 

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